Importance of Self Defense Arts

 Self-defense classes are becoming increasingly popular around the world. This is due to the need we have to face the increasingly frequent situations of insecurity. It is enough just to watch the news to realize that the robberies with stabbed weapons, firearms and other criminal acts have not only increased considerably, but also increased the violence carried out by criminals in them. This clearly shows the importance of learning self-defense.

Many of our parents used to tell us that in the event of a robbery, we would give everything they asked for. Of course, this is best to safeguard our physical integrity. However, criminals are increasingly seen as harming victims even if they do not resist. This is why learning self-defense can save your life. One of the best self-defense art is Wing Chun.

Going to self-defense classes is beneficial for people of all ages and both genders. Not only will you learn to defend yourself and your family, but you will also have many other benefits that we tell you below:

Benefits of self-defense

You will gain in security

By going to self-defense classes, you will learn the techniques and attributes to defend yourself in situations of insecurity. When you have been training for some time, you will be prepared to overcome yourself if you have the misfortune that you have to live in one of these situations.

By learning self-defense, your reflexes will remain alert and you will be able to react and emerge unscathed from any adversity.

Physical training

By practicing self-defense techniques, you will do some extra exercise. Of course, the intensity of training can vary in each martial art, school and teacher. However, aerobic exercise of any type of intensity will bring you benefits.

Character and self-confidence

Strong physical training, like training simulating highly dangerous situations, will help you build a stronger character. By being aware that you know how to defend yourself, you will be able to control fear when you are in danger. This will also greatly increase self-confidence.


When you learn self-defense techniques, you will not only learn to repel attacks but also avoid them. Training this type of technique effectively, will make you much more aware of your environment and the dangers that may exist, which will keep you more attentive and you can prevent dangerous situations.


By training a martial art or learning self-defense, you will expose yourself to situations where you can clearly see your limitations and weak points. This added to a healthy competitive environment will help you stay focused on improving day by day. Without a doubt if you commit to improving you will develop very good self-discipline, an attribute that will help you in all areas of your life.


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